Friday, November 5, 2010

Raw Chicken Rocks My World

You had me at raw chicken.

I never thought that i would be able to find a place in the states that was confident enough in their chicken producers to serve it raw. But i found it...Ippuku you've won me over.

First of all, the ambiance is that of a food stand in Japan. It's small (max occupancy of 76) so, expect a wait of about 30-45 minutes. They do take reservations BUT only if your party is 5+ so be prepared. Luckily, you can order drinks at the bar while you wait.

We started with the agadashi tofu...which has nothing to do with the amazing chicken feast we had, but i love agadashi tofu so i couldn't resist.

We also got the two of the omakase yakitori (5 skewers each) which was plenty of food, and we got chicken hearts, and the ground chicken with egg yolk (more on this in a sec)--i'm pretty sure we ate a whole family of chicken...

All their chicken and chicken organ meat is cooked medium rare AND they have chicken tartar...CHICKEN TARTAR WITH RAW EGG YOLK??? not only do i love an egg yolk on anything, but the damn chicken is raw enough to cluck...i'll take 10 please. "sashimi" ever. the chicken was incredibly sweet, you would never think that raw chicken could be sweeter than fish sashimi, but boy o boy was it good. That plus the creaminess of the egg yolk added so much to the flavor of the chicken--amazing.
(They can serve raw chicken because it's FRESH free-range and locally raised, not that you would do this or anything, but i wouldn't go eating foster farm's chicken out of the package...blech. Eating chicken sashimi is common practice is Japan! Love it!)

ok. ground chicken with egg yolk...try and picture this first. Because when it came was totally not as i imagined. It was a ground chicken log on a skewer in tare with an egg yolk next to it. MONEY!!!!! It was incredible. We cracked into the egg yolk and let it mix a little with the tare and scooped it up with the skewer. Excuse me while i go get a tissue to wipe the drool from my face.

This is yakitori done right! --DAMNIT Ippuku, now i need a new excuse to travel to Japan because "searching for the best yakitori" has now been crossed off the list.

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