Sunday, July 12, 2009


So my boyfriend and I stumbled upon this very unassuming restaurant a while back and found out that it was THE BEST hidden gem Tustin, California has to offer.

It goes by the name Sushi Wasabi.
Located at the end of a very small strip mall, next to a 24 hour donut shop, and peeking out from behind a Korean BBQ joint. Let's just say that it's the kind of sushi restaurant that you would either walk by because it's so low key, or you would just blow it off because it looks so slummy.

This place is great. They serve sushi "omakase" style just like Japan. You won't find any rolls here! Just nigiri and hand rolls. When I say nigiri, I mean the real deal. Not that 1:3 fish to rice ratio you often find at sushi restaurants, try a 10:1 fish to rice ratio. The freshest sashimi served on a rice ball no larger than the size of a dime so that you can really enjoy the freshness of the fish which is not masked by unnecessary carbs. You can count on eating some of the freshest fish in town because the sushi chef personally goes out to the fish market everyday to buy fish. (Talk about an early morning kick start). When you sit at the sushi bar you're basically signing your rights away; the chef chooses the best fish of the day for you to try...sorry pal, but you have no say. Trust me, it's worth it. Put your stomach in this guy's hands and he'll make you happy.
This place should have a warning sign: "Warning: If you eat here, you will never fully enjoy sushi at any other place ever again".

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