Thursday, June 26, 2008

Humble Beginnings


I think it only proper to mention where I got my inspiration for food writing from. Anthony Bourdain. Chef, author, and traveler. What person wouldn't want his job right? This now 52 year old leather jacket wearing, author of Kitchen Confidential and The Nasty Bits, television show host of Food Network's A Cook's Tour and the Travel Channel's No Reservations, and not to mention having been a chef at top restaurants in New York like Brasserie Les Halles; Bourdain has made quite a name for himself in the culinary world. He has also made appearances as a celebrity guest judge on Top Chef.
This guy tells it like it is, his brashness and and witty comments can cut through you like a hot knife through butter. Not to mention his sarcasm makes him really enjoyable to watch. I would have to say that he's the only reality bad ass on TV that can pull off drinking, smoking, vulgarity, traveling, and eating, and have millions upon millions of people love him and bow down at his skill and knowledge for food.
Something that Anthony Bourdain has taught me and is something that I really appreciate is that some of the best food comes from "hole in the wall restaurants" and home cooked meals; although the occational meal from Daniel Boulud's Le Cirque, Gary Danko's, or even Thomas Keller's French Laundry never hurt anyone (only your wallet), fine dining isn't the only kind of good food out there. Inexpensive doesn't always mean poor quality, and expensive food doesn't always mean fantastic quality. Put into consideration that the idea of great food can mean simple and inexpensive food comes from a man who's been through the classic trainings of the Culinary Institute of America and can cook dishes worth $30-50 a pop; I'd say, it's a reliable souce.
And seriously, is there anything that this guy won't try at least once? NOPE! From beating cobra hearts in Vietnam to raw seal eye ball in Alaska; the most disgusting thing he claims he's ever eaten is a Chicken McNugget (although the warthog rectum in Nimbia is a close contender). Though I'd have to disagree, I've had more disgusting things than the Chicken I guess the fact is, is that if the most disgusting thing that Anthony Bourdain's ever had were McNuggets...then all the other slimy, ooey, gooey, eight legged things he's eaten can't be that bad...right? RIGHT!
So this is where my journey begins...from the inspiration that comes from Anthony Bourdain, I've come to fall in love with finding the humble settings, and eating the food that is reminiscent of a home cooked meal brought to me by chefs from all over the world.

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Ting said...

Speaking of humble, who's dissing the Chicken McNugget??